It's been almost a decade since we started the belief that we are one with nature. Before the lockdown has started, we are exposed to nature at least once a month. I lead and teach meditations in team buildings- and we don't travel just for recreation. We travel and expose our bodies to nature- to meditate, to reflect, and to refresh our minds. And while on the road, it's my hubby and I's chance to talk about our relationship, life, plans, and goals. And we call these an ESSENTIAL. 


Belief is something that is so morale that even government rules have considerations and exemptions. It is said that "Persons aged below 21yrs, 60years and above, are not allowed to go out EXCEPT when going out for essential." As I have said, being exposed to nature is an essential for me, and my little family for almost a decade now. It's a practice for us to bathe in the sun and breath fresh air for at least once a month. And it's been 6 months already that we're locked up in the 4 corners of our cement house and I am already feeling sick. Athena's first beach trip was when she's 4 months old at Pagudpud. And she's been consistently exposed to nature at least once a month since then. And I believe that it's one factor why she's so strong and she  never get sick or confined/hospitalized. Being exposed to nature makes our immune system stronger w/c is essential to fight the corona virus.


For now, I will not disclose the exact location where we booked our stay, for the owner's safety. Mahirap na, maraming talangka. But, what I did is, I searched at Airbnb, the filtered the search by checking "entire place" option. I opted for a KUBO house since I'm sick and tired of cement walls na nga. Para na akong magkakasakit. KUBO house is a healing house for me :) So syempre search lang maigi and look for the pictures, makikita nyo naman if kubo ito or not :) 

I saved for different options, messaged the owners if they are open and accommodating already, some don't yet and some yes! So tiyaga tiyaga lang talaga sa pagmemessage.

P.S. For full legitimacy, ask if they have a "Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate" - it is a requirement that they should obtain to ensure the safety of their guests. As for the resort we booked, they have it :) 


I told the resort owner that I will be bringing a child. That's why I am looking for a private place that only us will be catered. I asked who are their neighbors, are these public beach resorts? Luckily, I found a resort located in a residential area. Hence all neighbors are private. Kaya wala talagang nagsiswimming sa beach. I asked as well if we can swim in the beach, yes naman daw :) 👍

Tho I believe, there are public resorts that are operating already. Not for us tho since I have a kid nga... 


Commute is not possible talaga during this pandemic, sorry :( But don't worry! We have a self-drive RENT-A-CAR! Hehe plus I will disclose to you this secret place of ours if you book thru us. For as low as 3k/head lang with vehicle and kubo room accommodation na. Entire place all yours! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Ok so you're all set na, you have transpo and place to stay. Now what you need are documents! Kasi maraming maraming checkpoints kayong dadaanan. 

with in Metro Manila, Quarantine Pass is ok. Kahit yun lang. But when you cross borders na, they are looking for "Travel Authority Pass" na. You can get Travel Pass at PNP. But you need to get first a Medical Certificate Clearance at your Municipality. As for me, I am privileged not to get these anymore because my husband owns a courier business and he has an IATF Pass which is a valid pass also in crossing borders. 

For the travel pass, of course tatanungin kayo ng purpose, some purpose are "to visit ill relatives", or you are invited for an intimate celebration of you relative. As for us, if we are to get a travel pass, we'll say we have a charity event/feeding program for the children of fishermen and farmers. Which is true naman that we did on our 3rd day. :)


Checkpoints depends on the mood of the officer. There are officers na mahigpit, and mostly naman, isang tingin lang sa IATF pass namin, go na agad. No questions asked. Some naman will ask questions, mostly "Saan galing, and saan pupunta". My tip is, "Isang tanong, isang sagot". No need to explain or what. Kung anong tanungin yun lang ang sagutin :) Marami ring checkpoints na tinatamad ata officers, hehe.. Kasi walang mga bantay. Mostly sa province part na. Tho pinaka-mahigpit, as usual, sa Olongapo/Subic. Nung umuwi kami, lunch time, mas maraming walang bantay, siguro kasi naglunch break or super init. 


Always check with the resort owner what's the means for food. As per the resort we stayed, they have rice cooker and griller, and there's a restaurant that delivers food rin. So it's up to you if you want to cook or what. Bring you liquor and snacks if walang bar sa place... Don't forget to bring alcohol of course!! <3 



1:00PM Departure

2:00PM Petron Stop Over for Foods (stop at the first Petron Stop Over in NLEX. That's the biggest one. Super daming options ng food :) And drive thru na ang new norm) 

3:00PM Departure 

6:30PM Arrival at Resort

               Check In


9:00PM  Sleep


7:00AM Breakfast

7:45AM Meditation

8:00AM Swimming

11:00AM Prepare for Lunch

12:00NN Lunch

1:00PM Picnic under the buko tree/Play Time in the Sand

3:00PM Siesta

5:00PM Mirienda

5:15PM Sunset Viewing/Swimming/Sand Castle Making

6:30PM Take a Shower

7:30PM Dinner (Delivery) 

8:00PM Drink/Chill Sesh

9:30PM Sleep


6:45AM Meditation

7:00AM Swimming


10:00AM Picnic under the buko tree/Play Time in the Sand

11:30AM Shower

12:00NN Departure

12:30PM Drive Thru Lunch

1:30PM Optional Side Trip: Subic Outlet Shops(we didn't do this tho since we have a kid nga)

6:00PM Home  

So there, as you can see, we're all safe naman. We traveled privately from point A to Point B at Wala naman kami naencounter na ibang tao bukod sa checkpoints, toll gate, the resort care taker, and the food delivery guy. Mas safe pa itong ginawa namin compared sa pag-gogrocery 👌

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