Covid Swabbing Swab Test Area at Baguio Triage 2021


1. Get medical certificate at your brgy. This is not a covid test. It is just the basic medical certificate that you have no fever, cough or cold, etc. 

2. Submit the medical certificates to PNB and ask for a Travel Authority. 

3.Fill up an application form for travel  at Baguio website. You will state your travel reasons there and it is for approval. They will let you know if you can proceed to Triage

4. If you got approved, you can now go to Baguio, upon entering the city, there are 2 stopovers which I believe they call- Traiges. It is a border control, so there’s still a chance that you will not be allowed to enter. It looks like an immigration. We waited there for at least an hour each. There are facilities such as X-ray laboratory (I just learned that it is one of the ways to find out covid symptoms hehe), swab testing area etc. just in case the tourist visitor should be tested. You will have to pay for the tests. They said that swab testing is around 1,300.00 (not so sure about this), and around 300 or 500php for the X-ray.

There are 3 steps booths in every triage, but I wasn’t able to know all the  details since my brother and my sister in law was the one who completed all these :D As you know, I am pregnant and I just had to stay inside the car and look for the kids :) But I tried my best to know all the information for you, my readers who are asking about this! I hope you find these informations helpful! :)

5. Once you passed the triage, welcome to Baguio! They gave a small leaflet with reminders, and its the pass that you should show to brgy officials just in case. 

6. You also have to fill up the health declaration form in their website. So make sure you have a data! :)

Covid 19 Information Desk at Baguio Triage 2021

Baguio City Triage 2021 Baguio Travel Guide

Baguio City Triage 2021 Baguio Travel Guide


I was amazed with this city and was really happy that they give freedom to children. I learned observed and tried to gathere information on how is this possible.

According to our boatman when we do boating at Burnham Park, the recovery rate of covid there is 80% to 90%. I asked how many gets affected everyday and he says about 30 to 40. I think that’s a very good rate to consider that your city is controlled.

Here are my observations and thoughts. 

1. The weather. There’s LITERALLY no need there for air-condition. My brother’s condo there doesn’t have ACUs nor electricfans and yet we feel like in an air-conditioned room. It is also natural there not to use ACUs in vehicles. Majority just open their windows on the road. There’s a natural airflow and good circulation in houses and vehicles which is one of the safety precautions to avoid covid. 

2. They follow strict protocols. They practice social distancing at Malls. They limit the number of people in particular floor and area, I remember we have to line up at the escelator since we wanted to go up at the Sky Garden. The playground there for kids only allow number of kids. We have to sign up and line up the kids name so they could enter. A maximum of around 5 kids can only enter the playground, and they give kids a fair 15 mins each. 

3. Mask and face shields is a MUST! And the staffs and security guards are strict about it. They announce and remind about social distancing in the mega phone from time to time. Even when you get inside, they ask people to wear  mask and face shields.

4. Disciplined Citizens. I remember I removed baby’s mask because it always gets fallen, the cashier who processed the bear I bought Athena, asked us why Athena is not wearing a face shield. Sabi ko nga kasi nalalaglag hehe.. Then she told me where to buy a kid’s face shield in the department store. There was a time that the kids removed their face masks in the park, and a local who’s strolling told the kids “halaaaa bakit wala kayong face masks”. I realized that citizens there are privy with this matter. They are disclipined and know that they should follow the protocols. 

5. Informed Citizens. Remember I learned the percentages through a boat man? I learned the word “controlled” through SM’s security guard. Sabi ko “buti po pwede na bata dito noh? Sa Manila kasi bawal… 8 months ng nasa bahay lang anak ko”. The guard said: “Opo kasi controlled po ang covid dito sa Baguio”

I envy the city because the kids there seems to be in the normal state already. Except that we all now have to wear masks and face shields :( But atleast dba? Athena get to ride a horse, ride a bike and a boat in public places. Because of the characteristics that I mentioned above, Baguio City managed to be “Controlled” that’s why they achieve such freedom. 

I am still looking forward to the days that Manila will become like Baguio. I wonder when. I want to send Athena to Ballet School and group learning classes. 

Oh by the way, the TPLEX bound to baguio road is already finished, and it was my first time to try that road. I think the end point of the road leads to Kennon Road already. It takes around 3 to 4hrs only from our home going there!! And there are lesser check point than our last travels (to Zambales). 

This was a very chill and happy family time trip. I didn't go with my husband (he's busy with his courier business); which is my helping hand-because I am pregnant and I have Athena, but my lola nanay Poy, Nanay Tessie, kuya Kevin and Mark, sis-in-law Mommy Aja and Ate Rhea, made this relaxed trip possible. 

Thank you Lord for a safe travel trip! Thank you for always guiding us and please continue to bless us with opportunity and experiences <3

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