One of the hardest thing to do, I believe, is to gather thoughts and put it into words. Minsan may mga times in life na nakakabaliw na talaga sobra that you really don't know what you need to do. There will be numbers of nights that you cannot  sleep. Most of the time, because it's because you are fighting for the people you love. Not only the romantic love per-se, but for your family. But you have to be steady, and stay still.  Sure it will pass. 

Sometimes, we're so humble that we don't give credit to ourself. There are many things we do, that we cannot see because we lack confidence. We lack self care and self love. I realized that, and because of that we let people speak and talk things about us.  And I think that this was one of the hardest battle I fought when I was young. But, not today- coz I grew at it.  

To deal with people who hates you, people whom you don't know- but has SO MANY things to say about you; as if that they know you too well. - is a kind of mental and emotional attack and battle. 

For 30 years of my life, I've always become strong dealing with these kind of people, and I know  how to deal with them. I never get sorrowful about it, you know, because there are always the people who believes in me, who knows me too well. And always keep telling me na wag na lang silang pansinin. 

But as long as we get older, my competition, our battle ground, keeps getting bigger, and our life circle, smaller. We have to choose your priorities. And all of us, people, are the same- there's nothing more than important, than our families. 

Battles we fight are many things. Most of the time- it's a financial problem. Widely, romantic love problems. Family problems. And many more. But noe. let's talk about HATERS, I think, I had never blogged about it yet. I believe that haters is one part of life problems especially if you're in business and if you're an influencer. But haters are just a very small percentage, in a person's life, and you just have to choose wether you focus on it or not. It is literaly just so small, that when you get out of SOCIAL MEDIA, Your life will be big. The REAL Life. The life outside social media. 

Thanks to my adventurous brave soul, and due to my wanderlust and my passion to Travel The World, social media is just merely a platform to me. I have the whole world to explore, and do business, and be connected. But as you go big- it is unavoidable to have haters- and you just cannot hide and run from it- but you have to face them and deal with them. 

One day, there's this very aggressive client who attacked me personally and she's a threat to the business. And she definitely is. Also, I have this employee- a valuable one, someone who knows trade secrets, formulas, processes and systems, and lots of information about our company- got loose and took side with them. Totoo pala, ang mga nasa pelikula, about business. Merong mga tatalikod. The least people you expect. 

They published  an issue, about me. They built an army, an army of people who hates me. It's big. Too many. And what makes me sad is that I found some people there, whom I thought a friend because I gave something in their life - or "may ambag" ako sa buhay nila, but they are there, stabbing me at the back. Well, that's life. It's not new to me. At least I keep learning who's real and who's not.

This social media breakthrough is memorable to me- because of them, I finally realized and become certain, oh yeah, I'm popular. Popularity is not about the number of likes you get on social media. It is about the number of people who looks at you and sees you. You're popular if there will be SO MUCH stories about you, things that are opposite to what we really are. I'm not even an actress.and yet,  SO MANY, SO MANY people know a thing about me. About my life, about my pasts.

TRAITOR. The next thing I know, this employee exited my company without anything to say. Just a snap. Parang bula ganon, and is now working with them, I don't know if they're building another events styling company, too? Copying things I did, or what? Well, kahit ano pa man yan, I believe to the true people in my life's sayings na "Hindi ka nila kayang kopyahin". 

 I will not deny, that things like this affects me. I think, and think, and think, is there's really something wrong about me? About our business? But then, I go back to my realizations, that when you get bigger, and your business grow, and  you're expanding- the army of haters and competition that you have- will expand too. 

Suddenly, I finally came to realize, words gathered through my mouth- I gave, our beloved clients who chose to trust us, a speech. 

I told them, that I have the power to voice out, people listens to be, look up to me and follow me, so I'd rather be an inspiration- not to follow TOXIC Filipino Cultures. And the competition in this industry is tough and I have to fight to protect myself and the business. And it is not first time to happen. It happens,seaonaly, but what? People continue to patronize us. To follow us. To avail our products and services. It's because of who I am- and they cannot dictate who I shall become. This is me, and not because of who I am and who I was- I am not here creating beautiful things- and helping more than 50+ crews, staffs, suppliers and partners. I was assuring them that I will do my job, and hindi naman sila pababayaan. I assured them that our business is legal- with complete legal documents and we're paying taxes and nagpapasahod kami ng tama. We deliver what we are paid for and always sobra. I guess we're good. And really nothing to worry. My golly- some chismis kasi said that we do not have business permits lol haha! Sabi ko, they have to attend my seminar in April 23, 2023 where I will discuss the step-by-step process to BUSINESS LEGALITY. 

World is so big. My Facebook, my networks, and my platforms, are connections around the world. I've been places. This rumors- about me, will not break it. These pests who are super interested in my life and make time for me, is just a small percentage of life. 

How to deal with them? Focus on the things you love. Continue what you are doing, be affected for a few days, then move on and look at the next opportunities.

After this another HATER-breakthrough in my life, the next thing I know, I am One Mega's events styling partner. You see? People will try to bring you down. But if you stand firm on your principles and core values, we're good. We're safe, we're protected. 

I AM VALUABLE. That's what I learned, these past few months. People are using me- trying to get my connections, knowledges, ideas and information. 2 people from the Real Estate Industry did the same. Gave hope to me that they will buy a lot-only to found out that they are just getting details and information, and the next days, they are also doing what I am doing. Again, my partner said "Hindi ka nila kayang gayahin". People will copy you. People will be harsh. People will judge you. And now, I know my value. I am a high valuable person with a golden heart and compassionate but who fights and firm with my principles. And they cannot take away that from me. 

Life, is BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes, it's hard to see them. This Holy Week, I decided to stay in our Hotel in Boracay - Blanche HOTEL Boracay, be away and alone in the toxic world, and reflect in Life, and be thankful. I am so thankful, to be doing my passions and be surrounded with beautiful things, and beautiful people, and a peaceful family. I could't ask for more <3

Thank you for the people who are there, and still believes on me. I love you all! :)

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