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 Hey 30 year old girl Trishie, it's been 3 decades of your life! Boy, it was a roller coaster ride. 

And this Lenten Season was the most Holy that I had. Things just happen, accordingly. In God's Grace. 

I've been so much thankful and gratitude, to the family that he gave me. My Super Man, and my 3 little Angels. 

This season is not the perfect season to go in Boracay as the beaches are not in their best. But the super chill and cozy, and worry free vibes that the tropic island has been giving, is my most favorite thing! 

We stayed at Blanché Hotel for 6 days, 3 of those, we stayed just at the hotel, our little home in Boracay, and the 3 days, in different places. We met so many people! 

I was so happy! We are SO at peace. Just happy, just the reality, and the reality is so fun, light and easy, if you're surrounded by 3 little kids who loves you so much, and with the man you love. 

I've never been so much thankful. There are the darkest times, the darkest hours; the never-ending problems, challenges, but God is always there, guiding us and providing us, protecting us...

We went home recharged, feeling renewed, and ready to face the beauty of life again. So many opportunities waiting. And will do everything, to give a beautiful life to my family and to the people I love. 

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