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Our furrbaby Husky named Dwight(Dwight Howard), is now 1 year and 6 months. But since 2 months old, he has been traveling from North to South of Luzon. He grew up playing in the sand, swimming in the beach, hiking a mountin, and running in a rainforest/waterfall. Sometimes, I you want your baby to have some playmates... And we are planning to create an event in partnership with DLC Backpackers in which you could bring your furrbabies, or, maybe, just Husky babies. And we need to do a survey for this to happen :) Remember, Huskies are working dog and they need to use that legs! They deserve a getaway! :)

Destination would be in Ternate Cavite/Nasugbu Batangas, see destination review here. It is the perfect destination because it was just discovered last April 2017 and it is very new, less tourists, and unspoiled nature! The greatest part is, there's a trekking going to the beach! A perfect work out for our Husky babies :) It will be just a day trip on a Saturday or a Sunday, and 1 entry ticket will include 2 seats in a van, one for you and for your furrbaby, 2 human meals, transport, driver, gas etc. for around 2k to 3k.... Extra person's additional rate maybe around 1k to 1.5k... We need atleast 30pax for this event to run in OCTOBER 2017. Let me know your thoughts! Answer the survey below if you're interested. 

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